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Dr. Neel Venugopal is a well-known Ayurveda doctor in Kerala, India; due to his specialized recipes for various health issues, within a short span of practice. Someone who just starts practicing Ayurveda after her/his degree cannot be this successful though. The secret is the endless travels he pursued across India to compare various tribal medicines and learning from old Saints and Gurus of great experience.Ayurveda is based on proper scientific research but with different hypotheses.  Thus the specialty of Neel is his willingness to travel from dense subtropical forests in Kerala -to- desserts of Rajasthan -to- the great Himalayas (which is source for many vital medicinal plants of Ayurveda) and enthusiasm to learn from many Gurus and research his own.

Neel, to his own interests, still finds time to travel to the distant places where Ayurveda was highly practiced and learns as much as he can. World famous ‘Yoga’ is highly entangled to Ayurveda and similar is the case of ‘Kalaripayattu’, a martial art form developed in the southern part of India. It has been believed as the root form of many modern martial arts. ‘Marmavidya’ a sub branch of Ayurveda and Kalari, was highly appreciated for all muscular and nerve related health issues.  Neel started practicing Kalari and Yoga from the age of seven as a student to his father first and later continued his Kalari practice at VallabhattaKalarisangham, a well-known Kalari school in Kerala. This also imbibed within him a taste of Ayurveda and thus his higher studies were aimed at obtaining a degree in Ayurveda, to begin his career in this great traditional scientific branch. His wish is to bring back the glory of Ayurveda as ‘one doctor to a human’ approach (in comparison to modern medicine which shows you thousands of doctors to your organs, who may not communicate properly each other).  Older ayurvedic doctors used to diagnose diseases with their bare hands and treat correctly. This efficiency in Ayurveda can only be achieved by combining ‘marmavidya’ to one’s knowledge sphere. This has been achieved by Neel and he has been practicing this for many years. His post-graduate degree in Yoga, allows him to fulfill him as a complete Ayurvedic physician.

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