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Ayurveda is the most precious gift from India to the world. It deals with each and every aspect of life, health and longevity. Ayurveda imparts the positive health of one's body, mind and soul .

Health is not simply the absence of diseases – it is a state of absolute harmony of the body, mind and soul. A disease results with derangement of this state. A fast lifestyle, mental stress, altered food patterns and climatic factors affect the basic functioning of the body. Understanding and correcting these factors is the primary treatment; the secondary treatments are with medicines. This gives the distinctiveness to Ayurveda in handling a disease by removing the root causes and giving a promising result.

In Ayurveda, health results from a balanced correlation between self, personality, environment and society. All human beings have their own body constitution (Prakrithi).The type of food, environment, thoughts, actions, etc that the patient had will be having an effect on Prakrithi, either resulting in health or disease. By understanding, evaluating and correcting these factors, one can prevent illnesses and attain health.

Marma Therapy


Marma therpy is an energy treatment. marma therapy is used to balance the prana or vital energy in the body so that we can maintain complete wellness always


Marma point is the area where enormous energy is located. All our activities need energy.whenever there is lack of energy it leads to imbalance of health..Marma therapy helps to clean the blocked energy channel and gives continuous energy supply to the whole body and keep everyone fresh and rejuvenated


Marma therapy can solve many diseases like  low back pain, knee joint pain,neck & shoulder pain , head ache ,breath problems etc. According to marma therapy most of the diseases are due to marma injury or marma energy channel marma therapy involves finding out the root cause by checking the marma points and doing necessary manipulations .

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