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Practical Information

Must know before booking

Indian Visa

A Visa is a must for all foreigners coming to India.

Visa on Arrival: Govt. of India issues a 30 days valid E-Visa, which needs to be applied at least one week before landing in India. For more info. please check:

If you want to stay for more than 30 days in India, please apply for regular Tourist Visa or Medical Visa. Please check the official website of "Indian Embassy" in your country, to know required documents, processing time, fees etc. Please apply at least four weeks before your arrival in India.

How to Get Here?


Nearest Airports: 
Cochin (COK) Airport is the nearest International airport, 80 kilometers from our location, takes about 2 hours driving. 
Calicut (CCJ) Airport in the North Kerala is also located 100 kilometers, at 2 hours driving. We recommend Cochin Airport as first priority.  
We organize to pick you up and drop you back at both airport. The estimated cost is about Rs.2500 (35 Euros/40 USD), the exact cost will be informed at the time of booking.


Nearest Railway/Bus Station:

If you are already in India and want to come by train, the nearest train station is in Thrissur (TCR), 30 kilometers from our location, about one hour drive. Thrissur is also nearest Bus station, connected to other places within Kerala. We can organize a taxi to/from Thrissu, at estimated cost of Rs.1000. 

One can also come to Cochin or Calicut by train/bus, from where we can organize the taxis to pick you up and drop you at anytime of the day or night with known drivers.


After receiving your medical evaluation from Bookings page in this website, our doctors will send you the duration/type and cost of the treatment. If you agree, pleas send 20% of the total cost as non-refundable deposit, to confirm the reservation. Also you will have to send your flight ticket, at least two weeks before your arrival, as re-confirmation of your arrival.  As we have very limited number of rooms, we can't take any clients with 20% deposit as guarantee. This deposit can't refundable under any circumstances, however, you can transfer to a future dates, if you can inform us at least 4 weeks before the supposed arrival date. 

The balance 80% needs to be paid immediately after arrival here at our center. We accept payments in Cash in all major currencies like Euro/USD/GBP/AUD/RUB etc.

For local expenses like taxi, phone, internet, laundry, travel, shopping etc, you need Indian Rupees (INR), which can be obtained either from ATM if you bring Deibit Cards or you can exchange your currency into Indian Rupees from an money exchange agency located 2 kilomters from our location. All Indian airports also have exchange counters, but the exchange rates are very low, so not recommended for changing any bigger amount of money.  


Ayurmama center right on the beach includes 5 rooms, each with two beds and attached bathroom with western toilet and hot water shower.
3 Deluxe rooms also have Air-conditioner costs extra than 2 rooms, without air-conditioner. Please mention your preference of the room at the time of registration. All rooms include Television with cable TV broadcasting English channels. Our staff clean the room, change bed sheets regularly. Towels and toilet paper are provided for the guests staying in the center.

Laundry service is provide at the center, at extra cost. 


If the five rooms in the center are fully booked, we will provide accommodation in a nearby guest houses within walkable distance. 


You are welcome to swim or chill out on the beach. However, please note that during certain treatment days you will not be allowed to swimming, sun-bathing or walking on the beach, for the better results of the treatment. Please note if you want to be on the beach, please dress very conservatively and avoid bikinis, as local villagers might feel offended or attract the unwanted attention. It is recommend to wear shorts and t-shirt/tank tops, for both men and women.  


We provide all food and drinks suitable as per your treatment plan, as part of your total treatment cost. You don't need to buy or pay anything extra for food. Also you are expected not to eat any food from outside the hospital, without the permission of the doctor. 

The general menu includes 1) Early morning hot herbal drink (no tea/coffee) 2) Breakfast 3) Lunch 4) Afternoon Snack & Herbal Drink 5) Dinner. All food is Vegetarian, prepared in South Indian style with mild healthy spices & herbs and doesn't include meat, fish, eggs etc. Please note during ayurveda treatments, doctor might put you on very bland goods like rice porridge on certain days of cleansing/purging days. We expect you to follow the diet plan stricktly as per the treatment procedures.


Drinking water in  our place comes from groud, rich with minerals and healthy to drink. We also provide filtered water and hot water, so there is no need to buy any bottled water. 


We have broadband internet in our center which can be used by guests, however, we recommend to limit your time on computers/phones/tv for betters results from the body purification through ayurveda treatments. Please bring enough books to read at free time.


You can make calls your family or friends through skype/what'sapp etc and may not need a local sim card. If you require one, please buy the tourist sim card inside the airport and make sure that fits and works on your phone, or buy a basic phone. Please note there are many rules/regulation and paperwork to get a normal sim card in India. Most of the phone companies don't provide a normal sim card, other than tourist sims available only inside the airport. 

Travels Around

During the treatment days, it is recommend to rest completely and avoid travelling around in the sun or dust pollution common in any Indian towns. Before or after the treatments, there are many interesting places to explore in our surrounding areas. We can help you with organizing taxis and trips to travel anywhere in Kerala or to neighbouring states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. 

Guruvayur: the nearest town at 5 kilometers is a pilgrim town famous for the temple of Lord Krishna.  The elephant sanctuary in this town is a must visit. 
Chettuva Backwaters, five kilometers from our place is great for backwater boating trips, which we can help you to organize. 
Thrissur: the nearest town at 30 kilometers, is known as the cultural capital of India, where you can see grand temples, museums, classical dance and music performances etc. 
Cochin/Fort Cochin are also famous tourist spots, at 90 kilometers, two hours driving distance from our location.
Munnar is another famous hill station famous for tea and spice plantation is located about four hours of driving distance. 
Alleppy Backwaters is at four hours driving distance from our location. 
For more practical information about travelling in Kerala, God's own country, please visit this website:


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